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About Us


StealthVid, Inc has been serving the St. Louis area and the greater Midwest for over a decade. We got our start with CCTV/Analog systems, but followed our passion and background to purely IP Based Solutions. Combining the most respected brands in the business with our professional licenses and trained technicians, we produce top-tier IP Surveillance Systems at a competitive price. With broad and deep knowledge of the IP Surveillance industry, our design team can create designs and make recommendations with respect to your budget and optimizing today’s cutting edge technology. We can design and implement a system from the ground up, or work side by side with your IT staff to implement exciting equipment. From Network Cabling, Switches, and power, to Cameras and Enterprise-Grade Video Management Software and Servers, we cover all aspects of end-to-end IP solutions.


StealthVid, Inc is proud to be a Certified and Authorized Dealer of best-in-class video surveillance equipment.

We represent the most respected professional grade brands, but also offer practical solutions for the budget minded customer.

Fully Customizable

We design customized surveillance systems for hotels, airports, museums, retail stores, farms, universities, and Fortune 100 corporate facilities. Send us a floorplan of your project and we will help you get 100% camera coverage. There is no project too small or too large for us to deliver results.  We work very closely with every client to design and spec the correct IP Camera solution for their project.

4k Ultra HD Ready

4K Ultra HD is based on square pixels—similar to computer screens, so 4K Ultra HD video from network video products can be shown on either HDTV screens or standard computer monitors. With progressive scan 4K Ultra HD video, no conversion or de-interlacing technique needs to be applied when the video is to be processed by a computer or displayed on a computer screen.

User Friendly

It is important for an equipment supplier to be knowledgeable and understand the ever changing world of IP Surveillance and Video Technologies. This saves YOU time and money. Rather than being simply a parts house we offer high level IP Surveillance Consulting and Design to every customer, free of charge. We have professional, EXPERIENCED design consultants that will help you every step of the way. An IP Surveillance project can be overwhelming and we are here to make it easy.

Light Finder Technology

Lightfinder technology is a combination of Axis’ expertise in image processing, in-house system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components.  Cameras with Axis’ Lightfinder technology have extreme light sensitivity. Such cameras can deliver color images in as little light as 0.18 lux or lower.  Compared with any analog or network cameras, the Lightfinder technology will give more life-like colors in low-light conditions.

Large Scale Systems

Keep your large or complex site safe with an advanced security and surveillance solution based on Axis’ open IP products. Combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether it is for an airport, public transportation, city surveillance, or any other complex installation.

Wide Dynamic Range

Wide dynamic range is a feature in some Axis network cameras that handles a wide range of lighting conditions in a scene. In a scene with extremely bright and dark areas or in backlight situations where a person is in front of a bright window, a typical camera would produce an image where objects in the dark areas would hardly be visible.  WDR solves this by applying various techniques to enable objects in both bright and dark areas to be visible.

Need a better surveillance solution? We’re here to help you design your perfect CCTV system